METASwarm Launches Expert Committee to Expand Its Wireless Information Assurance Sales, Branding and Technology Partnerships in China

Monday April 23, 5:59 pm ET

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- METASwarm Holdings (OTC: MSWM -News) today announced that it has launched an Expert Committee to provide high-level consultation and advisory services of METASwarm's business direction, technologies and marketing strategy in China, especially in the field of Wireless Communications. Inaugural members of the Expert Committee include Mr. Ge Lei, Professor Zhu Yun Long and Mr. Yuan Ming Fu.

Mr. Ge Lei is a former member of the Board of Directors of China Unicom as well as former Director of the Planning Division, Education Division and Telecom Administration Division of China's national Ministry of Post and Telecom. He currently serves as President of the China Communication Network Operation Professional Committee of the China Communication Enterprises Association. Mr. Ge also is Chairman of Unicom GUOMAI Communication Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom.

Professor Zhu Yun Long teaches at the Beijing University of Posts and Communications and is a nationally-recognized expert in leading edge communications technology and telematics. He is also Vice Chairman of the Communication Specialist Committee of the China Institute of Electronics (CIE). The CIE is China's leading nongovernmental academic engineering organization. He is also a Committee member of the Communication Society of the CIE. Professor Zhu currently serves as Chairman of the China GPS Application and Development Forum, a leader in telematics research for Asia.

Mr. Yuan Ming Fu is Former Vice President of the China Mobile Communication Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry. He is currently Vice President of the China Communication Network Operation Professional Committee of the China Communication Enterprises Association.

In 2007, the Expert Committee will be responsible for advising METASwarm management regarding Research, Promotion and On-site Trial Preparation strategies.

Research Goals: The Expert Committee will research national policies and regulations, industry development in China and abroad, analysis of competitors, as well as review and selection for target cooperation partners;

Promotion: The Expert Committee will seek to enhance the branding and corporate image of METASwarm in China, as well as introduce and promote METASwarm's innovative technologies and application to top management of China communication conglomerates;

Preparation for Mobile communication carriers' on-site trials: The Expert Committee will assist in selecting partners that will commence execution of localization, system installation testing and demonstration.

About METASwarm Holdings, Inc.

MetaSwarm Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in California and is focused in the information technology industry. MetaSwarm specializes in personal and commercial information assurance solutions, including anti-fraud, anti-spam,

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and relationship analysis solutions for the Internet e-commerce markets. Specifically, MetaSwarm products provide applications for message management, message and website validation, and message and website analysis for email, cell phone text messaging (SMS), instant messaging (IM), and web pages.

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