Marvin Shannon

Co-founder, Chairman, CEO

Marvin Shannon is co-founder, chairman, and CEO of MetaSwarm, Inc. He is co-inventor of over 34 patents pending that provide the basis for the MetaSwarm Product Suite. Mr. Shannon, a 22-year software industry veteran, is a recognized leader in information technology; and one of the true visionaries in the complex world of global internet systems.

Mr. Shannon founded MetaSwarm, Inc. in January 2003 with a vision to enable the average user to manage the rising tide of spam and phishing email. Under Shannon's direction, MetaSwarm, Inc. has evolved a ground-breaking idea into a revolutionary technology base capable of comprehensively managing email, instant messaging (IM), and cell phone-enabled messaging services (SMS and MMS). This technology enables, for the first time, management of unsolicited bulk advertising (such as spam), and the ability to identify fraudulent messages (such as phishing email) and their associated web sites, before they get to a user.

Previously, Mr. Shannon was co-founder and Executive Vice President of planetLingo, Inc., a venture-funded computer-assisted language learning company. He was responsible for day-to-day operations and technology direction. planetLingo created a revolutionary framework for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), focusing on the spoken elements that students need to succeed in business. Mr. Shannon led the creation and release of Internet and CD-ROM language products in Japan and China.

Prior to co-founding planetLingo, Mr. Shannon was the Director of Technology and Principal Technology Officer of Citysearch, Inc. Mr. Shannon managed the transition from a prototype system to a global commercial system serving more than a hundred cities worldwide. Citysearch is now part of Ticketmaster-Citysearch Online, a division of InterActive Corporation.

Mr. Shannon studied Physics and Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology.


Kent Lam

Co-founder, Director of the Board

Kent Lam is co-founder and Director of the Board of MetaSwarm, Inc. Mr. Lam is a visionary entrepreneur and business man with over 18 years of experience in IT and Internet business exploring and establishment, company strategy planning, product/service marketing and management, operation, and administration.

Kent Lam previously was the co-founder and Managing Director of Eekon Computer Group. With over 150 employees in Hong Kong and China, Eekon Computer Group was once the largest distributor of Compaq computers worldwide. From 1989, Mr. Lam was the president of U.S.-based ComputerLand in the Greater China region, the largest retail company for computer and system integration in the world.

Mr. Lam has rich experience in the IT and Internet businesses. In the mid-90's, Mr. Lam led an IT and investment consortium. Its members included U.S. Microsoft, Science Committee of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Shanghai AIC Group (a large state-owned enterprise in Shanghai). These members gathered to explore the pioneer Interactive TV and Internet venture in China. Mr. Lam also promoted and established several joint venture IT businesses, including an Internet Portal Site for the Food Industry and the IT system integration business.

In late 2002, Mr. Lam became the chief representative in China for a U.S.-listed communication company venturing in wireless communication and value-add services.

Mr. Lam has built broad and strong personal contacts with high-ranking government officers, senior management of large enterprises, and with a group of elitists in the fields of IT and communication, finance, and technology, etc. in China and the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Kent studied in Marine Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department at Hong Kong Polytechnic College.


Dr. Wesley Boudville

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Wesley Boudville is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of MetaSwarm, Inc. Dr. Boudville is one of the youngest PhD Computational Physics graduates from CalTech (California Institute of Technology).

Dr. Boudville is co-inventor of over 34 patents pending that provide the basis for the MetaSwarm Product Suite for safeguarding Internet communications, including anti-spam and anti-phishing technologies.

Previously, Dr. Boudville was the key project architect and developer for Adaptive Training Solutions, delivering a unique adaptive training platform using automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, speech synthesis, human perception/learning modeling, neuro-linguistic interaction modeling, and adaptive training feedback systems.

Dr. Boudville was a senior architect for planetLingo, Inc., where he developed a rudimentary pronunciation prototype used to analyze speech pathology. He was also involved with various Caltech development projects for NASA and the FCC.

As a graduate student at Caltech, Dr. Boudville focused on computing technology and system development. He studied Physics at the University of Western Australia.


Celia Rivera

COO, VP of Communications

Celia Rivera is Vice-President of Communications of MetaSwarm, Inc. Ms. Rivera has a 20+ year history working with technical, training, and marketing communications.

As Director of Documentation at planetLingo, Inc., she managed the technical documentation group while providing the documentation and training needs for other groups, including content creation and marketing. Ms. Rivera proved to be an agile and innovative manager, well complementing the innovative technology of planetLingo, a pioneer of interactive speech products used for language learning.

She has been a highly successful documentation and training consultant, delivering products for technologically-recognized firms, including DirecTV, Xerox Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, GenSys Software, and Litronics, Inc.

Ms. Rivera began her career writing documentation for prototype ATMs for Transaction Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Citibank. Since then, she has been drawn by the challenge of innovative projects that apply state-of-the-art technology.

Ms. Rivera has a Bachelor of Science degree in English from the California Institute of Technology.


Leif Bennett

VP of Product Development

Leif Bennett is the VP of Product Development for MetaSwarm, Inc.  He is responsible for all aspects of product development, testing, and delivery.  His expertise and track record in delivering complex information products to the market on schedule makes him a valuable member of our team.

Mr. Bennett’s responsibilities also include coordinating development efforts and custom extensions required by joint venture and governmental partners.

Mr. Bennett has twenty-three years experience in software production management and development.  He has successfully managed internationally distributed development efforts for Xerox, Symantec, ActiVision, and planetLingo.

Mr. Bennett has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology.


Dr. Mark Bergstrom

Senior Secure Network Analyst / Architect

Dr. Mark Bergstrom is the Senior Secure Network Analyst / Architect for MetaSwarm, Inc.  He is responsible for the development of information assurance.

Dr. Bergstrom has eleven years experience as an Internet and Local Networks security specialist consulting to the executive management of Tekelec, Citysearch, TicketmasterOnline, Ticketmaster, Match, and Best Internet (an ISP).  Dr. Bergstrom is skilled in data-center build-outs, host-hardening, intrusion detection systems, firewall setups, Cisco routers, Border Gateway Protocol fail-over systems, Akamai setups, geographic load-balancing, and computer forensics for law enforcement.

He spent two  years with a startup to use massively parallel computers to digitally archive films and create an ASIC level interpreter between applications and SMP architectures.  For four years, he worked with Hughes Aircraft Electro-Optics redesigning military systems for commercial use, producing six to ten proposals/inventions per year ranging from a flaw-detection system in the manufacture of currency for the Bank of England and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to a redesign of the advanced cruise missile laser radar to be an obstacle-avoidance and windshear-sensor system for all commercial and business jets.

Dr. Bergstrom also played a niche consulting role to the founders of Pixar, Pacific Data Images, and Rhythm&Hues in the earliest days of dynamic-physical-constraints in animator menus in computer graphics.

Dr. Bergstrom was originally trained as an Experimental Particle Physicist working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center doing research on the fundamental forces of nature and the frontier branches of mathematical physics.  Dr. Bergstrom taught a graduate class at Loyola Marymount University in “Securing Computer Networks, Cryptography, and Cryptanalysis” in 2001.

Dr. Bergstrom holds a PhD, M.Phil, and MS degrees in Physics from Yale University, a BS degree in Physics as well as an MS in EE from Stanford University.


Martin Martinez

Research Analyst

Martin Martinez is a top-level research analyst for MetaSwarm, Inc.  Mr. Martinez, a 19-year software industry veteran, is recognized as a world class Internet systems architect.  Mr. Martinez has successfully managed projects through the difficult transition from great ideas to state-of-the-art Internet products.

Mr. Martinez joined MetaSwarmin October 2004 and is tasked with dealing with difficult research issues underpinning our systems architecture.

Previously, Mr. Martinez was Vice-President of R&D at planetLingo, Inc., a venture-funded computer-assisted language learning company. He was responsible for technology direction, development, and deployment. In his duties at planetLingo he was responsible for 65 developers on three continents (U.S., India, and Japan). planetLingo created a revolutionary framework for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), focusing on the spoken elements. Mr. Martinez was instrumental in the development and release of Internet and CD-ROM language products in Japan and China.

Prior to planetLingo, Mr. Martinez was co-founder of two Internet technology startups. He also spent several years consulting in the U.S. aerospace industry designing, and managing the development of, complex real-time software platforms.

Mr. Martinez studied Physics and Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology.