Essurance Features / Benefits

Essurance provides peace of mind and promotes Internet trust by protecting against the following user concerns:

Online fraud Essurance protects against phishing attacks, whether made via email, text messaging (SMS), or instant messaging (IM/IRC); protects against websites that collect private information (pharms) that can lead to identify theft; and protects against websites that commit outright fraud by selling non-existent goods.

Message overload Essurance manages the vast numbers of email, mobile phone text messages, and instant messages that even individuals receive on a daily basis, including protecting against spam and guarding against inappropriate or undesirable messages.

Lack of monitoring, filtering, and control Essurance helps parents protect their children against inappropriate or undesirable messaging and website content.  Essurance helps corporations and enterprises protect their organizations against misuse or abuse of corporate resources, such as web services.

Reputation abuse Essurance protects against brand hijacking, which is of particular concern to corporations and enterprises who want to protect their corporate identities and the integrity of their products.